AG & T provides development, advisory  and boutique brokerage services.  

Assessment, Execution and Delivery: our team is there for you. 


  • Discuss property, development plans, timing, financial objectives, client comments & concerns, etc.
  • Research history, conditions, & unique characteristics of property, market area, and development plan
  • Scope & Objectives
  • Design customized scope of work to achieve client objectives
  • Ensure that scope and timing fit client budget, deadlines, and other key parameters


  • Review existing materials, including plans, studies, & other background information
  • Visit subject property & analyze competitive advantages & disadvantages, with specific focus on market potential (S.W.O.T.)
  • Evaluate historical & projected economic and demographic trends
  • Analyze projected market data including absorption, deliveries, vacancy, rent, etc.
  • Conduct statistical demand & supply forecasts to determine market opportunity for new development
  • Survey competitive & comparable properties – relative to key metrics such as rents, occupancy, renter profiles, absorption, etc.
  • Conduct valuation using financial modeling, cash flows, land residuals, comparable building/land sales, etc.
  • Question (consumer research, stakeholder & local interviews, etc.)


Recommend Highest and Best Use land strategy to maximize client’s investment opportunity while minimizing risks associated with investment

Create program with: product mix & phasing; rents & absorption; target markets & profiles, U.S.P., etc.

Build development team with project specific architects, investors, development partners, hotel groups.

Take lead in the disposition and acquisition of assets.


Key Services



Strategic Planning

Product Development

Marketing Strategy 

Sales Execution and Dispositions